PAL Dreamcast modifications

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PAL Dreamcast modifications

Post by petterk » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:18 am


Im thinking about buying a NEW Dreamcast PAL console from Sweden (I live in Norway).

I've read a shitload of threads about modifying, but few of them involve modifying a PAL dreamcast.

What im asking is:

The NEW dreamcast Im buying, can be modified with a 4-wire modchip and the r422 mod If I want.

What will be different on a PAL dreamcast modchipped, vs a PAL dreamcast modified with both a modchip and the r422 mod, in terms of video ouput?

Also, is it possible to do the region change mod via r512+12v on a already modchipped dreamcast?
I see most tutorials do the region change mod first. any specific reason for this?

Searched the net and found very little information on this.

Im guessing the r422 mod will force PAL60 like it would on a NTSC dreamcast?
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Re: PAL Dreamcast modifications

Post by APE » Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:28 pm

R422 forces PAL60 which isn't the same as NTSC, same output frequency but different color signal. Doesn't matter if your TV is PAL60 compatible though.

Don't bother with R422 unless its a non-PAL Dreamcast, pop in the 4 wire chip to bypass region protections. The region change mod won't do any good unless you want to permanently make the swirl orange for a PAL Dreamcast. But if you do the region change mod for the love of all things holy don't leave the 12v wire connected when you are done! It'll cook the flash rom chip rendering you with a dead DC.
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