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PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:00 pm 
DCEmu Newbie
DCEmu Newbie

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sorry guys if this is a wall of text but im trying to explain everything that is happening so i can norrow it down what is wrong

so i bought a dreamcast from my local gamestore about 3 months ago never played it until today hooked it all up and got ready to play some dino crisis well after about 5 mins of playing and when i enter a different room it goes to a black screen and the disk stops spinning ok well one or two things happen it will reset it self or just stay on that blackscreen forever.

so ok SO i tryed a different game which was resident evil 3 got into a safe room and left the game on for about 10mins came back and try to exit the room my guy was in then goes to a black screen again right when i leave the room (or even trying to check my ammo or items or anything that leaves the screen to make the game load it freezes)

so i turned it off and put another game in this time marvel vs capcom 2 and this time when i push the power button nothing shows on the screen no sound no video and i look on the VMU it stays blank usally when i start the dreamcast a cow will pop up or the game symbol will pop up right away So now my dreamcast aint booting at all

NOW i left there for about 20mins came back and it works again and tryed playing a game and it freezes to the black screen when ever it loads so i open the dreamcast Up cleaned the laser and cleaner those 6 pins and bent them so there making more contact with the metal things and left the case off tryed another game again and still no go freezes when ever it loads and i noticed that when the game is gonna freeze the disk will stop spinning, for some reason but i can still move my guy in resident evil but RIGHT when i open a door or look at my ammo its a black screen

so anyone know what the problem could be i sat for hours trying to fix this and nothing but i did noticed one thing when i put the system upside down it will be like 20-40mins until it freezes so it last a little longer

PS i tried using real Dreamcast games and it will freeze on those and i also Tried my backup copys and same thing

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