Photos of Dreamcast

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Photos of Dreamcast

Post by Senk » Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:13 am

I took some photos of the Dreamcast today while dismantling it. I'm sure there are plenty already out there, but here are some that I took:

These aren't resized from my camera and I'm not sure if I can resize images with BB tags; so, I'm only going to show one here.

First one:

Resized versions of these will be put up on my site's Dreamcast section once I have time to redo the design. And, no, I didn't have any intention to keep a working GD-ROM reader, which is why I didn't care about taking it apart (although everything could still be put back together). If it broke in the process, that's okay to me. Got this Dreamcast for $15 and wanted to document the internals. Plus, the whole thing reeks of smoke, which I'm not fond of.

Whoops, used the local address instead of the public reroute since I'm used to accessing my site from the same network. :P
Also, provided a sample shrunk to a much, much, MUCH smaller size!
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