What's The Latest Version I would need to get NES and SNES g

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What's The Latest Version I would need to get NES and SNES g

Post by StOBeR » Sun Oct 21, 2007 2:04 pm

I'm a noob. So please don't blast me at this.

I'm looking for the newest software to get all SNES and NES games to play on my dreamcast.

I have never emulated any games before, but my girlfriend wants to play NES and SNES games and I heard you could do it on dreamcast so I'm here in hopes to find more out.

Thanks in advace your for help and sorry if this is a stupid repeat question.

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Re: What's The Latest Version I would need to get NES and SNES g

Post by Christuserloeser » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:01 pm

DreamSNES v0.98 would be the latest version if you're looking for a good SNES emulator. It plays Super Mario World and Super Mario Allstars perfectly but has problems with technically more complex games like Yoshi's Island.

Some general information: http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/index.php/Main/DreamSNES

Here's a very good tutorial on how to create + burn a DreamSNES disc: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=68460
LyingWake wrote:What you'll need:

Latest version of BootDreams
Alcohol 120%
DreamSNES 0.9.8 plain files

First thing first. Download and install BootDreams and Alcohol 120%. Now download DreamSNES 0.9.8 plain files and extract it (desktop would be the easiest).

Now that the downloads and extracting is complete, we move onto setting up the folder for image creation. Open the folder that DreamSNES 0.9.8 plain files was just extracted to. Place the IP.BIN into the cd directory. Next, put all unzipped ROMs in the roms directory.

OPTIONAL: For the ROM list to load quicker (by not reading each ROMs header for the game's title) you can use a ROM list creator. ROMS.LST Maker v1.2 by kRYPT_ is recommended.

OPTIONAL: If you don't want DreamSNES to scan a certain directory you can stick a file named NO_ROMS.HERE in it. This will prevent DreamSNES from scanning it for ROMs.

OPTIONAL: A extra feature DreamSNES has is playing MP3s. By default there is 1 MP3 in the sounds directory. If you wish, you can place any extra MP3s there. Make sure at least 1 MP3 is present in this directory before image creation.

Now that your directory is setup, open BootDreams (BootDreams.exe). You can create a DiscJuggler image, a Nero image, or you can burn it straight to CD. I recommend burning it straight to CD. If you decide to create a Nero image, TAO is the recommended image type (DAO is required for Nero 5.x). Once you have clicked the task's icon, browse to the cd directory you placed the IP.BIN in earlier. Now click Process (if you're burning DreamSNES within BootDreams, add a blank CD-R before continuing). The disc should begin to burn or the image should begin it's creation.

If you created a image, you need to burn it.

That's it. Test it in your Dreamcast and play away!
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Re: What's The Latest Version I would need to get NES and SNES g

Post by Maturion » Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:49 pm

Yeah, DreamSNES is a great SNES emulator.

NesterDC SE is good NES emulator. http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/index.ph ... NesterDCSE

Feel free to ask us some more questions.
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