Do you still mod your game consoles?

Talk about all gaming unrelated to the Dreamcast. This includes emulation of other consoles as well.
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Do you still mod your game consoles?

Post by Eviltaco64X » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:51 pm

All I've done in the past few years is softmod a 20 GB PS3. The Christmas exploit was a great way for the system to go out in its twilight. MultiMAN Cobra Mode for everyone.

On a side note, it is incredible to see how far modding has come. An army of Ben Heckerdorns is forming.
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Re: Do you still mod your game consoles?

Post by VampDude » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:37 pm

I still modify my consoles, if only there's a need to do so.

I'm currently waiting on a MODBO5 from China, for the PS2 which I ordered a few weeks back (it was $3).


I really just wanted an excuse to use my soldering iron, since my MegaDrive 2 projects two years ago... Which I never finished as I have five more MegaDrive II consoles, three MegaCD's and two 32X units (plus an old MegaDrive that I won't mod - it's my go to for my EverDrive and heaphones). My main goal was to make two SEGA Neptune's, where all I did was add the PAL/NTSC switch and the Japanese/English switch to one MegaDrive 2 and make an NTSC 32X run in PAL (where I need to revisit and add the switch). For parts though, the U.S. 32X units are much cheaper than the MegaDrive 32X units and they're exactly the same (except for the signal). I may revisit the MDII's sometime in the future. 8-)


I don't actually remember if I had to cut away the plastic for the Japanese cartridge to fit in the SEGA 32X? I think it just fit, which is a handy tip for anyone modding MD/Genesis consoles (had to cut the plastic on my switched console though).


Though I've been playing with an AtGames console and a PiZero, making a better console than what they ever did (still looks like an ugly piece of shit). :lol:

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Re: Do you still mod your game consoles?

Post by |darc| » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:01 pm

Absolutely. In the last few years I've done the following mods/hacks to my systems:

Atari 2600
- RGB output, palette selection, pause button (2600RGB kit)
- Harmony cartridge (play ROMs from SD card)

- RGB output, palette selection (NESRGB kit)
- USB connectivity (CopyNES kit)
- Nintendo multiout connector
- Change color palettes or reset console via player 1 controller
- Color-changing LED for palette selection (red for normal palette, green for improved palette, orange for arcade palette)
- Added expansion audio support
- Disabled lockout chip
- Created Gimmick! repro cart
- Converted Lagrange Point (Japanese) cartridge to English translation
- Everdrive N8 cartridge (play ROMs from SD card)
- Flash-based Famicom Disk System hardware emulator (FDSStick)

- SMSFM kit to enable FM-based sound in games that support it
- Master Everdrive (play ROMs from SD card)

- Added RGB support on 1CHIP-03 SNES model (model with best, most clear output of all SNES models)
- Added coax S/PDIF digital audio output
- Created StarFox 2 repro cart
- SD2SNES (play ROMs from SD card)

- Alternative audio circuit to make model 2 Genesis sound like model 1 Genesis
- Headphone jack added
- Mega Everdrive (play ROMs from SD card)

Sega CD
- Region free BIOS

- Stealth modchip for playing CD-Rs and region-free support
- Added coax S/PDIF digital audio output

- Modchip for playing CD-Rs
- Region free BIOS
- Added coax S/PDIF digital audio output

- Added RGB support

- Multiple selectable BIOS, with region-free and DreamShell BIOS chips
- Added coax S/PDIF digital audio output
- Internal serial-based SD card reader
- IDE/SATA hard drive
- Built-in VGA connector and headphone jack
- Built my own video output box for a custom video output solution (31KHz RGBS) to an XRGB-mini Framemeister upscaler
- GDEMU board to play GD-ROM images from SD card
- Telephone line simulator + Netopia box to "dial into" my home network to play online modem-only games
- probably other shit I'm forgetting

PlayStation 2
- Modchipped for region-free / backup PS1 and PS2 titles
- Hard drive installed

- Added HDMI output
- Modchip to play region-free / DVD-R games

- Modchip and replacement hard drive

- Drivechipped for backups

probably forgetting some stuff but yeah. If you couldn't tell I like playing on real consoles, not particularly a fan of emulation.
I mostly play on a 20" RGB CRT monitor.
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