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You don't know which dreamcast software is worth trying? On this page you will find some of the best homebrewn Dreamcast applications that you should definitely check out.

  • ScummVM - ScummVM is an adventure interpreter that allows you to play all your favourite point&click adventures on your Dreamcast
  • DreamSNES - DreamSNES is a very good Super Nintendo Emulator - Play Super Mario on a Dreamcast!
  • CrabEmu - CrabEmu is a good MasterSystem and GameGear emulator
  • NesterDC SE - NesterDC SE is an excellent port of Nester, an NES emulator, to the Dreamcast
  • Neverball - Neverball is a nice Super Monkey Ball clone
  • Alice Dreams - Alice Dreams is a wonderfull homebrew game inspired by Lewis Carol's novel.
  • Beats of Rage - Beats of Rage, a 2D fighting game, is probably the best homebrew game for the Dreamcast
  • NOIZ2SA - an abstract 2D shooter
  • DCPlaya - DCPlaya is a fantastic media player
Other interesting stuff
  • Daedalus - Daedalus is a proof-of-concept Nintendo 64 emulator
  • LinuxDC - This is a fully working port of the Linux operating system
  • KallistiOS - This is the free and legal development kit for the Dreamcast. If you are a programmer, check it out!