NBA 2K1 v1.008 (US) [Not for Resale]

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NBA 2K1 v1.008 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by atreyu187 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:16 pm

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[NBA2K1 Not for Resale]

No Type   Start (Physical)  Size    MB
Session 1:
 1 RDATA      0 (   150)    606    1M
 2 AUDIO    756 (   906)    526    1M
Session 2:
 3 RDATA  45000 ( 45150) 132354  311M
 4 AUDIO 177504 (177654)    451    1M
 5 RDATA 178105 (178255) 371045  872M

HD area TOC:
HD tracks : 3 to 5
Track 3 : Start LBA 45000 , End LBA 177354, ctrl 0x4
Track 4 : Start LBA 177504 , End LBA 177955, ctrl 0x0
Track 5 : Start LBA 178105 , End LBA 549300, ctrl 0x4
Last Sector : LBA 549150

Disk Info:
	Hardware Identifier : "SEGA SEGAKATANA"
	Hardware Vender ID : "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
	Media ID : "B4C1"
	Media Information : "GD-ROM1/1"
	Compatible area symbols : " U"
	Peripheral Information : "2799A10"
	Product number : "MK-51063"
	Version number : "V1.008"
	Release date (dd/mm/yyyy): 21/10/2000
	First read file : "1ST_READ.BIN"
	Maker Identifier : "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
	Game Title : "NBA2K1"
	Ring Code : "*1S* 51063"
	Mastering Code : "IFPI L433"
	SID Code : "IFPI 7495"
name "NBA 2K1 v1.008 (2000)(Sega Sports)(NTSC)(US)[Not for Resale]"
disc.gdi size 149 crc cc133eab md5 00f1667da5e872b48a2dad02ac19f8bb sha1 7e2b28f6fed72b3bb33eaade195d404e43dd213c
track01.bin size 1425312 crc 697b4244 md5 a4710852dd41151e7b0f08686bf4baca sha1 46b3c405b1fbc1c24f20cf9324075074e515a9a1
track02.raw size 1237152 crc 7d18d919 md5 689c0ae530114e215b46f5ceab7ae946 sha1 fd2b52d6474c8217389dbccac0f2ba6b0d513cdf
track03.bin size 311296608 crc 725494e2 md5 83f3a24e8a0da40edea3092e17a125ea sha1 a1639e115f11d167f1d5f45f729a745238e4ccdd
track04.raw size 1060752 crc 88ce9e2c md5 4b2225aa7c07b5560b489366cf63c166 sha1 4a6951a0585db1aadb5e2da8d09449610b510276
track05.bin size 872697840 crc 4ba2c730 md5 b04b4a2b795240ecd4b13ce025e6178e sha1 2706f1fee359d7e0a0575f81970117f6e9d16866
Well that is the last of the "Not for Resale" disc I have ATM. Only know of Power Stone to have a NFR release outside of all of these and the Sonic games I have already done. Oh well the hunt for the rare ones is what makes this fun!!
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Re: NBA 2K1 v1.008 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by Maddog » Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:54 am

Matches retail version with same ringcode.
Added "no resale" info to database and credited you with a dump. Thanks!

Apart from Powerstone you mention (was not aware of that) there seems to be evidence of a "no resale" Sega Smash Pack as well. IIRC, there was a Dreamcast bundled with that as well, so it seems plausible.
You are not mentioning it anywhere, but I guess all those 2K1 sports titles come from the Sega Sports bundle Dreamcast?
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Re: NBA 2K1 v1.008 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by darcagn » Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:58 am

Yes, you're correct. There was a Sega Smash Pack bundled Dreamcast, so that's probably where the not for resale version comes from.
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Re: NBA 2K1 v1.008 (US) [Not for Resale]

Post by atreyu187 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:33 am

All these came from eBay is all I know bud sorry don't know where they first came from but now I need to find the Smash Pack NFR disc!! And I didn't know about the Powerstone till I found it on eBay and lost the darn thing by not paying attention to the auction.
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