Aero Wings (U) [T-40201N] New Ring Code

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Aero Wings (U) [T-40201N] New Ring Code

Post by atreyu187 » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:42 pm

No Type Start (Physical) Size MB
Session 1:
1 RDATA 0 ( 150) 916 2M
2 AUDIO 1066 ( 1216) 2830 6M
Session 2:
3 RDATA 45000 ( 45150) 504150 1185M

Disk Info:
Hardware Identifier : "SEGA SEGAKATANA"
Hardware Vender ID : "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
Media ID : "7879"
Media Information : "GD-ROM1/1"
Compatible area symbols : " U"
Peripheral Information : "0799A10"
Product number : "T40201N"
Version number : "V1.002"
Release date (dd/mm/yyyy): 11/08/1999
First read file : "1ST_READ.BIN"
Maker Identifier : "SEGA LC-T-402"
Game Title : "AEROWINGS"
Ring Code : "9H049H T-40201N"

HD area TOC:
HD tracks : 3 to 3
track 3 : Start LBA 45000 , End LBA 549300, ctrl 0x4
Last Sector : LBA 549150
Aero Wings v1.002 (1999)(Sega)(NTSC)(US).gdi" size 88 crc 5e78360c md5 a21d63aaf3c2a6d94ca25bd8e95110ac sha1 01f2f821ae4054918638dd4b12522b2c1badfc1c

track01.bin size 2154432 crc 0d7f17e4 md5 c74fc49de7f1c13ee6c4892c5b3b84c6 sha1 ce9d0c5c45f48da5e86b13c3a827f987a2e915f6

track02.raw size 6656160 crc 849b7608 md5 9b1f55b5878f796d904fa55d7785a19f sha1 ca5ecb6f65d24571e416f4fe56c36b57ca6de1be

track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 85b44034 md5 6ea8ec30a246b215e58c56d1582f4f58 sha1 cfffe79a3d73452b56b6c1711f220c35b0b71ad2
Dumped using jjl0dom's DC SD Ripper @ 29 minutes and also using ack's application and TOSEC traditional standard httpd-ack 20080711 with Hit-0300 LAN adapter, both hashes matched. This has already been verified but I am going through my USA set now and seeing if I have any variants. If Maddog says this has different hashes then the ones already in the DAT's I will release on UG tracker, till then it is just the hashes as there is no need to upload a dump that matches perfectly except for the new ring code. Merry Christmas guys!!
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Re: Aero Wings (U) [T-40201N] New Ring Code

Post by Maddog » Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:14 pm

Yup, it's the same as the already verified dump.
Updated database with the new ringcode. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too! :D
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