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Before you begin, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section. Thanks!


OpenBORManual - Full tutorial on Beats Of Rage mods

Tutorials - more legacy stuff

From Tutorials Page

roms discs tutorials:

selfbooting tutorials:

LEGACY NEWBIES PAGE: (Some links are broken, take the /legacy/ out of the links to view pages)


Newbie Files

  • Disk Juggler General Jinxter Driver - Still having problems with Disc Juggler. This is a Generic CDR Driver for Disc Juggler so you can usually burn something even if your burner is not supported.
  • Nero Auto Settings File (2k) - This file is for you people who are confused on how to burn ANY DREAMCAST disk that is not a Disc Juggler image. The readme comes with it.
  • How To Burn DC Games - This a very nice tutorial on burning your dreamcast games and helping out game companies at the same time.

Basic Tutorials

NO NEEDED INFO - Frequently Asked Questions - a complete guide to what all you newbies ask over and over again in the chat room. If you like ask more questions and I will post them and answer them here.

  • DC Emu Legend Guide - This is a nice document showing you all the words and things used on this site. Just in case you get confused on what something says or means.
  • Dummy File Making Tutorial - What does this do. Prolong's your dreamcast life and makes stuff load faster. This tutorial is using nero.

RECREATED NOT NEEDED - IRC Chat guide - This is a nice chat guide in how to get in our IRC chat room #dcemu and hang out.

  • General Spectrum Guide - A general guide to what spectrum is and what kind of games it has as well as what are they for.
  • Self Boot Tutorial - This is a special guide in teaching you how to make your own Self-Booting emus/soft/etc from plain files.
  • Burning Rom CD - This is a nice tutorial on how you are supposed to be burning the roms cd for each of the emulators on this site.

CD Burning Software Specific Tutorials

DC Program-specific burning guides

Software for DC Tutorials