Crack Attack

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Crack Attack
Crack Attack!
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.1.18
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date Unknown
Author Toast
Type of game Tetris Attack Clone
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Crack-Attack is a clone of the SNES game Tetris Attack. It is available under the GPL. Daniel Nelson wrote it for Win32 and Linux. Richard 'toast' Russo has ported it to KOS/dreamcast as part of an independent study in hardware and software for the Dreamcast.

There are some outstanding issues, but its playable.


  • I can't get the textures to work, so I disabled them all, this is done via #ifdefs, so its reasonably easy to compile it with support for textures and see how ugly it becomes.
  • Sometimes, while playing, the display goes blank; I don't know why that happens, but hitting B twice should fix that.
  • When garbage is becoming blocks, there is a vertical line that shouldn't be there; this is ugly, but not a big problem.
  • After the game ends, some ugly stuff comes up, and the game stops being responsive; I think this is due to the gl reinitialization by hitting the B button.
  • Theres no network support; there was gonna be, but my plans to make a network adapter didn't work out so well.
  • Also, in ASCII gfx mode, there needs to be some sort of redraw limiting, so it doesn't look as ugly.


  • D-pad: move the swapper
  • A button: swap the blocks in the swapper
  • B button: switch between ASCII and GL graphic modes
  • Y button: speed up the advancing blocks
  • Start button: pause, get past prompts


  • Crack Attack 1.1.18 - Plainfiles - Unknown release date
  • Crack Attack 1.1.18 - Datafiles - Unknown release date
  • Crack Attack 1.1.18 - DiscJuggler - Unknown release date